Suzanne and Jonathan’s story:

The Beginning

In June 2013, our first child Jenson arrived.  As we are a swimming family, we were so pleased that he was born in water and flew out!  As Suzanne slept, I held Jenson on my lap for a few hours before putting him in his cot at the hospital.

It was the next morning, after the visiting family had been, we noticed something white and abnormal in Jenson’s mouth.  The nurse came to see what we were talking about, and ran away saying, ‘I need to get an opinion’! Not knowing what was going on, we just stood there, frozen! Within hours we learnt that Jenson had a cleft palate.

Within a day we were sitting in a room talking to a lady from Great Ormond Street Hospital, whose job it was to go round to hospital’s giving parents like ourselves information.

She started with: it’s a big hole in his mouth. My first flash back was to school, remembering a biology teacher saying: humans do not leak!